You probably didn’t launch your practice to become a payroll reporting expert. Payroll accounting is challenging and can be costly if not done properly, with stiff penalties for payroll reporting errors. When you work with a professional payroll team you’ll be free to focus on the big picture.

ClearSmart™ payroll services are executed by a team of experienced payroll professionals, while also being very competitively priced for small business employers. And with ClearSmart, we’ll handle all of your payroll needs:

  • Direct Deposits
  • Preparing and Filing Payroll Tax Forms
  • Depositing All Federal, State and Local Payroll Taxes
  • Preparing, Printing and Filing W-2 Forms for Your Employees

Your payroll taxes and easy-to-read reports are guaranteed to be accurate and on-time. That’s our commitment to you. ClearSmart makes payroll preparation affordable no matter your size.

Avoid the hassles and costly mistakes of do-it-yourself payroll. Work with a team of pros who will get the job done accurately and on time.

Contact us for your customized, no obligation quote.